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  • real time transaction monitoring for all your stores simultaneously
  • access all your data from anywhere safely through Glimpse cloud
  • new enterprise friendly with zero initial software cost
Services Custom Software
custom software
power | versatility | innovation

GreyMatter believes in «custom software» services. It is one of the few Greek software companies that builds most of its programs in-house, from scratch.

In a market where most software companies offer solutions based on «off the shelf» products that are later modified as much as possible to prove adequate to the customer’s needs, GreyMatter is in a position to research and develop solutions that are 100% tailored to our customers without making any compromises.

Instead of asking our customers to adapt their workflow to a specific program, we build the program to accommodate our customer’s needs.

…tailor the application to your needs…
Describe your company’s needs to us and we will design and create the applications you require, with transparent development costs
Are you having difficulty choosing one of the «off the shelf» products on the market? Do they offer more or less functionality than what you actually need? Do they exceed your budget?
… don’t change the way you work to fit the requirements of a program…
Projects Successful Projects
noted customers | successful applications

Here are some of the companies and clients that have chosen GreyMatter for their software solutions as well as some samples of successful applications that were developed according to their custom needs.

Services Web Services
web services
web sites | online stores | mobile apps

GreyMatter offers our customers a wide range of online services. From web page construction and e-shop support to specialized mobile applications for tablets and smartphones

Our company collaborates with specialized graphics designers who handle the creative concept part of our developed websites and the user interface of our applications. This way we ensure the aesthetic appeal of all our in-house developed software while highlighting the corporate image of our customers.

we listen

We make sure to document your exact needs so that your corporate website matches your expectations and your goals.

we design

We aim to offer your website visitors and application users a clean and comprehensive experience that offers added value to your company and keeps you in touch with your customers.

we create

We use state of the art technology to achieve the highest quality and reliability of our software solutions. Our internet sites and web applications follow the highest industry standards so as to offer the optimal experience to every online visitor.

Projects Successful Web Projects
web sites | successful web applications

Here are some of the companies and clients that have chosen GreyMatter for their websites as well as some samples of successful applications that were developed according to their custom needs.

Grey Matter Software
21 Pellis str
Chalandri, Athens
GR 15234
+ 30 210 6095595

GreyMatter was founded in 2005.

We are a software company that focuses on the creation of «smart» custom software.

All our products are based on the most current industry standards and are developed using state of the art technology.

GreyMatter has developed a wide range of products that include custom web applications, cloud based software solutions, iOS native apps, e-shops and custom websites.

Our team of dedicated developers uses the most current software tools to ensure the production of high quality products that give our clients a comparative advantage on the market.

The goal of every custom software tool we create is not only to cover our customer’s basic needs but also to give him a distinct advantage over similar companies that still follow traditional workflow methods.

Finally, GreyMatter guaranties that the developed custom software complies with the agreed specifications and offers a money back guarantee in case our customer is not happy with the final product.